Cat with suspected snake bite :( And this is after we drained over 90cc of fluid from the leg. He was sent home to recuperate on prednisone and antibiotics, the usual treatment for snakebites in animals. Praying he pulls through and doesn’t lose the leg.

I’m just learning how to really read rads, so i looked at this for a hot second, didn’t see anything with the bones, and was then LIKE WHOA about the swelling :(

poor baby. I wish the best for him

(my rattlesnake story)

a few years ago i was invited to go horseback riding with on eof my moms friends. while out of the trail, i rode her horse, and she rode her good neighbors horse.. well, going around a bend she walked the horse right over a rattle snake. the horse STEPPED on it, and the snake was still moving around hissing, rattling, etc. I had to sit there and make my horse stomp around to get him to go back into the bushed.  he horse was bit 3 times in the fetlock.

I had to ride a full hour down the trail, in the dark on a  trail I had never been on, on a horse I didn’t know very well, to go get help and get a vet down to the property; while she hand walked the horse back. his leg had swollen up 2 1/2-3x the regular size, it like, engulfed his hoof. the vet wouldn’t do anything about it, he said all they could do was wait and see. Horse passed away a few days later :( I felt so bad about it,  If I had been up front, I would have seen the snake, and none of this would have happened :(

Equine vet without antivenin or even IV fluids to flush out/maintain blood pressure? What? Also, the back leg is a really weird place for a cat to get bitten. Where was this at? Never seen swelling like that before from Western diamondback country.